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Eve Pillow Review

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Eve is one of the first companies that started selling rolled mattresses here in the UK. In this Eve pillow review, I will talk about one of the other products they are making and whether it is worth buying.

It is quite important to have a good pillow for a good night’s sleep and that is why I decided to do more pillow reviews. Eve followed the same approach here and memory foam is the main component they used. They also offer a 30 day trial period which is awesome to see for a product like that. My pillow arrived almost 3 weeks ago in a nice carton box so it was about time I write about it. Let’s move now to the full review below.


Eve is a company that specializes in memory foam products. Their pillow could not follow a different approach. The core of it is made of Viscoelastic (memory foam) which is a fantastic material that provides your neck and head with pressure relief and support. To increase airflow, Eve decided to drill some tiny holes to the core of the pillow which do a really good job keeping the pillow cool during the night. Last week was quite hot here in London and I must admit that Eve stayed very cool during sleep. Another interesting thing they did with this pillow is that they treated it with Ultrafresh (antimicrobial shield). That means that the pillow will stay clean and without any germs with minimal effort. This is great thinking by Eve and I really loved this feature. Overall, I think that Eve did a great job with the design and the making of their pillow and I am really impressed by it.


The cover of the Eve pillow is made of 100% polyester. This material is very breathable and also quite strong. The cover features a zip and is removable. You can machine wash it in low temperature so it’s easy to maintain and keep clean. The surface of the cover is hypoallergenic which is really important for all those people who suffer from allergies. The pillow is relatively big but nothing extreme and it measures 50cm x 70cm. The cover feels really soft and it was a pleasure sleeping on it. The design is quite simple but clean with a yellow detail on the edge. Finally, make sure you give the Eve pillow about a week for the odour to wear off. It’s quite strong at the beginning but no need to worry, it will disappear completely in a week. Overall, I think Eve did a great job here.

eve pillow review
The Eve pillow design.


I have been sleeping with the Eve pillow for about 3 weeks now. The memory foam works really well and it provides me with great support. The neck and spine are properly aligned in every position and I must say it is extremely comfortable to sleep on it. What I really love about it is the size and the thickness. They are ideal for every type of sleeper and even if you switch between positions it will still work very well. It seems that Eve found here the golden combination and I must admit this is the best pillow I have tried so far. It’s a strong statement but it is simply amazing!


Completing this Eve pillow review, I want to share my final thoughts with you. Eve is an amazing pillow that comes at a fair price (£59). It features an excellent memory foam core, a hypoallergenic cover and comes with great size and shape. Add the excellent service and support and we have a winner here. I really think that the Eve pillow is the best all-rounder out there and you should have it very high on your list!

If you have any questions regarding this review feel free to drop me a line using the contact form. You can also read my Eve mattress review here.