ergoflex pillow review

Ergoflex Pillow Review

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The ‘boxed mattress’ industry is relatively new, however, some companies started quite early. One of the pioneers is Ergoflex, which has operated since 2006. Their aim was to produce affordable Tempur-like mattresses but they do more than that. In this Ergoflex pillow review, I will talk about their memory foam option which can be a great choice for you.

They make their mattresses using the finest memory foam so they wanted to apply the same philosophy here. The pillow also comes with free delivery and a 2-year guarantee which is not bad. Mine arrived 3 weeks ago, so it’s a good time now to write this review.

Materials & Construction

When designing this pillow, Ergoflex wanted to avoid the ‘pillow plumping’ effect. That is the reason they went with a very simple design. A fully-moulded memory foam core ensures that the pillow won’t plump which can be the case with other pillow types like down or micro-fill. The foam used here is anti-allergenic and anti-microbial which makes it good for those suffering from allergies. Moreover, the solid core means that foreign object build-up is almost impossible so this is a very hygienic pillow. It is available in standard dimensions (45cm x 65cm x 14cm) so it will fit your old pillowcases. Overall, this is well made and I think they did a good job here.

ergoflex pillow cover

Pillow Cover

The cover of the Ergoflex pillow is made of Tencel, which is a material that I personally love. It’s very natural, produced from raw wood material. It’s more eco-friendly than cotton, as it needs less energy and water during production. It’s also very breathable which is exactly what you need from the cover of your pillow. Finally, it’s naturally anti-allergenic so if you are an allergy sufferer then this can be a good option.

The cover feels soft and strong at the same time. They went with a minimal design which is quite Scandi in my opinion. It’s simple but beautiful and I personally liked it. If you want to clean it, you can remove it and machine-wash it at 40 degrees. This is great as it’s easy to maintain. Overall, it’s a high-quality cover so no complaints at all.

Comfort & Support

I have been sleeping with this pillow for the past 3 weeks and I must say it’s a firm one. That makes it very supportive but I felt that pressure relief was also quite good. As you already know, I am an avid back sleeper and I felt that this pillow did a good job in this position. I felt the same for the side position but not so much for the stomach one. You see, the height (14cm) of this pillow is a bit too much and I think, a low loft one would work better here. So if you are a side or back sleeper then this can be a great choice for you.

ergoflex pillow box


I would like now to complete this Ergoflex pillow review. I really liked what they did here, it’s a pillow that is well designed and it’s made with the right materials. The cover is fantastic and the 5G memory foam will suit those who prefer a firmer feel. The pillow also comes with free delivery and is fairly priced (£55). If you are not a stomach sleeper, I think that this pillow should be high on your list.