brook and wilde elite mattress review

Brook and Wilde Elite Mattress Review

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Brook and Wilde is a relatively new brand but it’s already one of my favourite ones. After releasing their Lux mattress, they decided to create a second one that is even more premium. If you are really keen to know more about it, you should definitely read my Brook and Wilde Elite mattress review.

Founded back in 2018, Brook and Wilde manufacture all their mattresses here in the UK. They are offering premium mattresses at affordable prices and they have been very successful so far. My Elite mattress was delivered about a month ago so it’s a good time now to write this review.

Materials & Construction

The Elite mattress has a very complicated construction. It’s made of 6 layers plus the cover. In detail, these are:

  • A memory foam protector which allows the top foam layers to work independently from the cover. As its name suggests, it also protects the below layers from getting dirty.
  • A layer made of natural raw materials. It’s there to keep the sleeping surface cool during sleep which will help you get a more comfortable sleep.
  • A 2,500 mini springs layer which will provide your body with support. This type of springs reduces the pressure points which helps a lot the body’s joints.
  • A support foam layer which helps with pressure relief. It also helps with the transition from the mini springs to the bigger ones.
  • A layer made of 1,000 135mm pocket springs. The bigger springs are excellent to provide support to your body but they also add bounce.
  • A support foam layer which keeps the mattress altogether. It’s essentially the base of the Elite mattress.

The picture below showcases the position of each layer.

brook and wilde elite materials 1


A premium mattress should come with a great cover so Brook and Wilde used a four-way stretch fabric to make it. It’s a material that feels soft but not weak so I think that it will last for a long time. The cover is quite stretchy so the fit is great. If you suffer from allergies then this can be a good option. It’s a hypoallergenic cover that is also very breathable which means you will have a comfortable sleep.

The design of this cover is a nice one. The top part is white and the bottom part is navy. These two are separated by a teal-coloured line. They have also added 4 handles which will help you when you want to move this mattress. This is practical thinking and I love it when makers think this way. At the bottom of the cover, anti-slip elements were added to help the mattress stay in place. As you see, this is a well-designed cover and I think that Brook and Wilde did a great job here.

brook and wilde cover

Comfort & Support

As I have already mentioned, the Brook and Wilde Elite mattress comes in 3 different feels. For this review, I am going to talk about their Firm option. If I use my virtual scale here, I would say that this is a 7 with 10 being really firm. That makes it slightly softer than their Lux mattress. Let’s talk now about the different sleeping positions and how this mattress performed.

firmness scale

Starting from the back position, the memory foam layers hugged my hips and shoulders. It felt really comfortable in this position and the mattress provided my body with plenty of support. My spine was properly aligned and I think that the Elite mattress did a very good job in this position.

Moving to the side position, sinkage increased and my hips felt comfortable in this position. Pressure relief was adequate and the mattress provided me with the needed support. My spine alignment was good but not perfect.

Finally, turning to the stomach position, the mattress did a great job. My hips and shoulders were well supported and I had a proper spine alignment. I think that this mattress is ideal for those who love to sleep on their tummies.

Another strength of this mattress is the great edge support. This was expected as it’s a very well-built mattress. If you share your bed with a partner, this is a good option as the motion transfer is minimal, especially for a hybrid mattress.

brook and wilde box


The Brook and Wilde Elite mattress is a rolled one so it will come packed in a carton box just like the one pictured above. They offer free premium delivery for all sizes which is great. By premium, I mean a 2-man delivery to the room of your choice. That means that you don’t need to carry the box around by yourself and I must admit that this is a very heavy mattress. Additionally, they offer a free old mattress removal service which is amazing. That means that you can get rid of your old mattress with minimal effort. All you need to do is talk to their customer service team and they will arrange everything for you.

Your mattress will be delivered within 7 to 9 business days. I live in London and my Elite mattress arrived after one week. Communication was great and the whole experience was very straightforward. Overall, I think they offer one of the most complete packages in the market so I was really happy with it.

Trial Period & Guarantee

When you buy this mattress, you will get a 10-year guarantee which shows that they value their customers a lot. For more information on this one, visit the link here. Besides that, you will also get a 200-night trial period which gives you plenty of time to decide whether you want to keep your mattress or not. If you are not happy with it, you have two options. The first one is to return it and get a full refund. This is an easy option and you will get your money back within 14 days.

The second option is to ask for a mattress with a different feel. That gives you 2 extra options to find the one that suits you better. This is great and I think that they do a great job here. Finally, I need to mention that you don’t need to keep the original packaging to be able to return your mattress so you can get rid of it at the beginning. But don’t forget to recycle it!

brook and wilde elite mattress


It’s time now to complete this Brook and Wilde Elite mattress review and share with you my final thoughts about it. I think that this is a great mattress and if you are looking for a premium option then this should be high on your list. It’s good for all sleeping positions but also couples. It comes with excellent service and support from a maker that you can trust. Of course, all that comes at a high price but they run promotions very frequently so don’t be scared by their high RRP. This mattress is a great choice for those who want the 5-star hotel experience every night.

Brook and Wilde Elite Mattress Review
Very comfortable and supportive
Excellent edge support
Amazing service
Not the cheapest option
No EU sizes