emma pillow review

Emma Pillow Review

Emma is a great brand and recently they have developed a wider range of products. In this Emma pillow review, I will talk about their new memory foam pillow and whether it is worth your money.

Emma is a german brand that is very popular in the UK. They design their products in Germany but they produce them here in Britain. They use memory foam for their mattresses and they followed the same approach for their pillow too. Using the right pillow is critical for a good sleep so I was really keen to try this out. It arrived in a nice carton box two weeks ago, so it was about time I share my thoughts with you.


Emma decided to make a pillow that is adjustable in height. This is something I have seen from other makers too. This modular pillow has three internal layers in total. The top one is an airgocell foam layer which is their signature material. It provides your neck and head with the needed support and comfort. The middle layer, is a cold foam one. It is there to build up the needed counterpressure for maximum support. This layer is removeable to allow you to adjust the height accordingly. At the bottom, there is a visco-elastic memory foam layer which provides your neck with the needed pressure relief. All these materials are of the highest quality and Emma did a really good job here.


The cover of the Emma pillow is a very pretty one. It features small pores that make it more breathable and it comes in white. On the edges, there is a grey line that separates the two sides. It is made of 98% polyester and 2% elastane. The two materials were used for different purposes. Polyester is very breathable which is needed for the pillow to stay cool during the night. Elastane is essential for a good modular design. It allows the cover to stay in place regardless of how many layers you use. The cover can be removed and you can machine wash it in low temperature. Overall, Emma did a good job here and I don’t have any complaints.


As I have already mentioned above, the Emma pillow is a modular one. That means that depending on your sleeping position, you can adjust the thickness of the pillow. To do so you can just remove or add layers. Emma have developed a guide that you can find below.

emma pillow review
The different set ups of the Emma pillow.

I also think that the thickness of the pillow should be adjusted to our sleeping habits. I enjoy sleeping on my back so I usually like a thicker pillow but not a really thick one. In the last two weeks, I have mostly used the two and three layer combinations. I found the one layer set up to be good for stomach sleepers only. The Emma pillow performed very well in all positions and I felt that I got the right amount of support and comfort. My head and neck felt good every morning and overall I found the pillow to be performing as it should. The only thing I didn’t like that much is the fact that if you use only one layer then the cover feels a bit too big for its filling. With the two or three layers, this is not a problem. The pillow measures 40 x 70cm which is the standard size. Overall, I think Emma managed to create a really good modular pillow.


Finishing this Emma pillow review, it’s time for me to give my final thoughts about it. Emma managed to create a modular pillow that is functional and made with high quality materials. It comes at a fair price (£65) with free delivery and a 100 nights trial period! This is an excellent service by Emma! So if you look for a modular pillow that allows you to customise it to your needs, then Emma should be high on your list.

For any questions you may have, feel free to drop me a line here.