scooms pillow review

Scooms Pillow Review

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Getting a good night’s sleep can be a complicated thing. Initially, I thought that all I needed was a good mattress. I came to realise soon that a good pillow is also needed. In this Scooms pillow review, I will talk about this exciting option that I really liked.

For those who have never heard of this company, they make premium duvets and pillows using Hungarian down. This differentiates them from all the other makers I have reviewed here and I was really excited to try one of their products. Their pillow is designed here in the UK but it’s manufactured in Hungary. Mine arrived in a very big carton box about 3 weeks ago. The pillow is inside a green reusable material bag which felt quite premium. They come with a 3-year guarantee and are available in 2 sizes. The Standard costs £75 with the King selling for £90. It’s time now to move to the full review below.

Materials & Construction

There are many ways to design a pillow. Scooms decided to go with a 2-layer design to create a pillow that would suit most people. There is an inner core which is made of 15% down and 85% feather. Around that, there are the outer chambers which are made of 90% down and 10% feather. The benefit of using down is the fact that it’s long-lasting and it won’t go flat easily. It’s also very breathable and despite what most people think it’s hypoallergenic. Proof of that is the fact that the Scooms pillow has all the safety standards including Oeko-Tex 100 and Nomite. Overall, I liked the materials used here and the pillow is very well made.

scooms pillow review

Pillow Cover

Scooms is a company that wants to create premium products at an affordable price. That is why they decided to use a cover that is made of 100% super soft sateen cotton. The cover feels very premium and I was impressed by it. However, I have to mention here that the sateen weave is not ideal for breathability and I would personally prefer a percale weave. Besides the better look, the tight weave they used here, made this pillow dust mite proof. So as you can see, every approach has pros and cons.

The design is a simple one but it’s quite classy. If you want to clean the pillow, you can machine wash it (the whole pillow) at 40 degrees. That means it’s quite easy to maintain it and this is something I always like. Overall, it’s a nice cover and I think they did a good job here.

Comfort & Support

I have already mentioned above that I liked this pillow. It’s designed to suit all sleeping styles and that is why they made it 12cm in height. For example, if a pillow is too thick then it won’t be good for the stomach positions. If it’s too thin then it won’t be able to provide support in the side position. However, a height between 10-12cm is the sweet spot if you want to create an all-rounder. So if you have a normal body type then the Scooms pillow will probably do a good job in all sleeping positions.

The pillow can be shaped according to your preferences which is great. It has a medium-firm feel and the 2-layer design works well. It provided my neck and head with support and pressure relief. I would say it would suit mostly back and stomach sleepers but overall it’s a well-balanced pillow.

scooms pillow box


It’s time now to complete this Scooms pillow review. I think that this is one of the best pillows I have reviewed to date. I loved the materials used here and I think the design is great. It worked for me in every sleeping position and I loved the fact that it has this premium feel. Selling at £75, it’s fairly priced and it comes with a 3-year guarantee. If you are not an avid side sleeper then this pillow should be very high on your list.

Scooms Pillow Review
Suits all sleeping positions
Great materials
Free delivery
No trial period