panda pillow review

Panda Pillow Review

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Finding the right pillow can be a hard task, especially with all these options out there. One of the companies that recently got my attention is Panda. After reading very good reviews about them, I decided to try their main product so below you will find my Panda pillow review.

They make a memory foam pillow that comes with a 30-night trial period which is great! Not only that but they offer a 10-year guarantee too. It’s easy to see now why I was really curious to try this pillow. Mine arrived about a month ago so it’s about time, I write this review.

Materials & Construction

The Panda pillow has a 3-layer construction and they use 3 different memory foam layers. The core is made of a firmer foam while the other two have a medium feel. Surrounding the Panda pillow is a protective mesh layer which is there to keep the pillow core clean. All Panda pillows are according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and REACH so you can stay assured that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. They are safe for children and for people who suffer from allergies. Overall, the pillow is made with high-quality materials and I was really impressed by it.

Pillow Cover

The cover of this pillow is one of the main reasons you should buy it. It’s made of soft bamboo which is an awesome material as it’s naturally antibacterial. It’s also very breathable and super eco-friendly. The cover feels really soft (twice as soft as cotton) and you can machine wash it at 30 degrees. This means that it’s very easy to maintain. The design of the cover is a very beautiful one with the Panda head logo appearing in one of the corners. Overall, it’s a great cover and I hope more makers will use bamboo to make pillow covers.

panda pillow box
The Panda pillow comes in a nice carton box.

Comfort & Support

As I have mentioned above, I have been sleeping with the Panda pillow for about a month now. To begin with, I would like to talk about the dimensions of this pillow. I think that the height is ideal and the pillow can work well with all positions. This is very important as some pillows are too thick/thin for some positions. I found this pillow to work really well in the back and side position. Regarding the stomach position, I would say it’s good but I think other pillows are better for this position. The memory foam works quite well and I felt that my neck got adequate pressure relief. Support was also very good and overall I felt that this is a pillow that will suit the average sleeper.


The time has come now to complete this Panda pillow review. Panda managed to create a fantastic pillow that comes at an affordable price (£44.95). It’s built with high-quality materials and the bamboo cover is one of my favourites. It has the right dimensions and comes with a complete package (trial period, guarantee & free delivery). If you are looking for a quality pillow and you don’t want to spend a fortune then the Panda pillow should be very high on your list.