otty original hybrid mattress review

OTTY Mattress Review

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I came across OTTY a fairly new company based in the UK offering a mattress that comes packed in a box! This new trend has dominated the UK for the past two years and it totally got me too. I recently bought mine so, in this OTTY mattress review, I am going to share my thoughts on this product. I bought OTTY because it seemed a really good value mattress having similar features to other more expensive mattresses. I will speak in detail about it in the full review below.

Materials & Construction

The OTTY mattress has a total of 4 layers. More specifically the layers are:

  • Top Layer: A Cool Blue Gel foam layer which keeps the mattress temperature low during sleep. The Blue Gel foam also provides support.
  • Middle Layer: A memory foam layer that helps with the spine alignment and also provides the body with pressure relief.
  • Middle Layer: A layer that is made of 2000 micro capsule springs. These springs help with overall support.
  • Bottom Layer: A high-density foam layer that keeps the mattress altogether. This layer is the base of the OTTY mattress.


The mattress has also a very nice cover that is designed by OTTY to help the airflow during sleep. The cover in combination with the Cool Blue Gel layer works very well and I had no issues even during the warm nights. The cover is machine washable so it’s easy to maintain the cleanliness and the freshness here. Overall, the materials used in this mattress are of high quality despite the reasonable price.

otty hybrid original mattress cover

Comfort & Support

The OTTY mattress has a medium-firm feel. If I put this on a scale from 0-5 with 5 being the firmest I would say it is a 3.4. Remember the OTTY mattress is a hybrid one which means that it would have characteristics coming from the memory foam layer and from the capsule springs. I am a back sleeper predominantly and lying on my back I felt the ‘hugging’ feeling from the memory foam. This is something that I personally enjoy as I am of medium weight so the ‘hugging’ is not a deep one.

While moving around the bed, I felt that the mattress adjusts rapidly and the support was good even when lying on the edge of the mattress. Turning into the side position, I felt that my spine alignment was good and the overall support was great. I didn’t find the mattress too firm like some other mattresses and I had a comfortable rest in this position. Finally, moving to the stomach position, OTTY was quite comfortable with my hips going not too deep in the mattress. This is very important as with some mattresses the sinkage is too high which makes me feel uncomfortable. Overall, I would say that OTTY was very comfortable in every position.

otty hybrid original mattress


As I mentioned earlier, the OTTY mattress comes in a carton box (5cm x 45cm x 150cm) right to your door. There is a free next-day delivery service available for every mattress (UPS delivery). If you want a Saturday delivery, just like me, then you will have to pay an extra £30. The delivery guys were very polite and helped me put the box in our second bedroom. The mattress is available in many sizes, including EU sizes which are great as I had an old IKEA base. In general, OTTY offers a very good and straightforward service.

Trial Period & Guarantee

Just like most mattresses these days, OTTY offers a 10-year guarantee for their mattress along with a trial period. That means you have 100 days to test the mattress and if you are not satisfied then you can return it for free and get a full refund. This is great to hear as I was way more confident to order this mattress knowing I could return it easily if not happy with it. The return service is completely free so no need to worry here about hidden fees. As you see in this OTTY mattress review, their whole customer service is really great!


Finishing this OTTY mattress review I would like to share my final thoughts on this mattress. The main reason I was keen to try it was the fact that OTTY seemed to be great value for money. And I think it does exactly that. It is a very reasonably priced mattress, made of high-quality materials featuring the latest technology. So I think that is a great choice for someone who doesn’t want to break the bank but wants a great hybrid mattress that comes with great service and guarantee.

OTTY Mattress Review
Good value for money
Great cooling system
Not very bouncy