lola cool hybrid mattress review

Lola Cool Hybrid Mattress Review

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If you are looking for a value-for-money option, you should definitely read this Lola Cool Hybrid mattress review. Although this is a relatively new brand, the people behind it have more than 50 years of experience. This made me quite curious so I decided to write this review.

Lola is a British maker and all their mattresses are made here in the UK. The one we discuss today is their first mattress and they decided to create a hybrid one. As expected, this is another boxed mattress so let’s move now to the full review below.

Materials & Construction

This mattress features 4 layers plus the cover. These are:

  • A comfort foam layer that has pressure-relieving properties. This type of foam is designed to sleep cool.
  • A support foam layer that does what it promises. It also sleeps cool and it can help with your bad back.
  • A mini-springs layer that helps with edge support and prevents sinking. This type of spring allows airflow which is important for every mattress.
  • A high-density foam layer that is the base of this mattress. It comes with individual cuts that can provide your body with customised support.

The Lola Cool Hybrid mattress measures 24cm in height and the image below showcases how each layer is positioned.

lola cool hybrid mattress materials


One of the main things I liked about this mattress is its cover. It’s made of two parts that have different characteristics. At the top, there is a pillow-like soft top cover that can provide your body with extra comfort. It’s not a coincidence that the maker says that sleepers will feel like they are sinking into a cloud. It features an interesting pattern and it comes in plain white colour that gives it a clean look. This upper part is very breathable so you will sleep cool during the night.

The lower part comes in grey colour and it features an anti-slip base that will keep your mattress in place. Besides that, they have also added 4 handles that are useful, especially when you want to rotate your mattress. According to the maker, you should do so every 2-5 months in order to extend the life of your mattress. The cover is removable and if you want to clean it, you can just pop it inside your washing machine. Make sure you use a mild detergent and a gentle cycle. Overall, this is a high-quality cover that comes with some great features.

lola cool hybrid mattress cover

Comfort & Support

Let’s continue now with this Lola Cool Hybrid mattress review and discuss its feel. Most boxed mattresses are designed to suit the majority of sleepers and this mattress is not an exception. For this reason, it comes with a medium-firm feel and if I use my virtual scale here, I would say it’s a 6.5 with 10 being really firm.

firmness scale

Lola designed a mattress that features great edge support and that means it’s a great choice for couples. However, single sleepers can also enjoy the comfort of this bed and according to various reviews, it’s a well-balanced mattress that can help with back pain issues.


As I have already mentioned before, the Lola mattress is a boxed one and it will be delivered inside a carton box just like the one displayed below. When you order one, you will get free delivery that includes room setup and packaging disposal. This is impressive, especially for a free service. If you want to have your old mattress removed, they offer a free old mattress disposal service. This is great and it’s amazing that they offer this add-on for free! On average, deliveries are dispatched within 2-4 working days so you won’t wait for long to get your mattress.

Every time someone buys a mattress from them, they offer £10 to the Dogs Trust. This shows their socially conscious face and hopefully, more makers will follow. Overall, this is a good package and Lola did a great job here.

lola mattress box

Trial Period & Guarantee

If you hesitate to buy a mattress online, I have good news for you. All Lola mattresses come with a 100-night trial period. That gives you more than 3 months to try this mattress and decide later whether you want to keep it or not. In case you are not happy with it, you can return it and get a full refund. The process is not a complicated one and they will arrange everything for you.

Besides that, you will also get an 8-year guarantee that will cover you for a long time. However, most boxed mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee so maybe Lola should extend this in the near future. If you want to find out more about the terms and conditions, you should visit their guarantee page. Overall, this is a complete package so no complaints here.


You have now reached the end of this Lola Cool Hybrid mattress review and it’s time for me to share my final thoughts with you. I think that what you are getting here is excellent value for money and this is a very important reason to buy this mattress. Besides that, the Cool Hybrid will suit most sleepers and it comes with great service and support. It’s a great new addition and hopefully, Lola will release more mattresses like this one.

Lola Cool Hybrid Mattress Review
Good for all sleeping positions
Suitable for couples
100-night trial period
Free old mattress disposal
Other makers offer a longer guarantee