sleeping duck lite mattress review

Sleeping Duck Lite Mattress Review

Sad news! The Sleeping Duck Lite is no longer available in the UK. Don’t forget to check my other reviews here.

More and more companies develop new mattresses every month. In this Sleeping Duck Lite mattress review, I will talk about this new budget friendly option from the known Australian company. After having success with their Pro hybrid mattress, they decided to release a foam one with a much simpler design.

The Lite version is also a rolled mattress so it comes packed in a carton box. Mine arrived almost a month ago so it was about time I write this review. Unlike the Pro version, this is not a modular mattress so you cannot change the firmness level. Of course, all these changes in design lead to a price decrease which was one of the main aims with this mattress. Let’s move now to the full review below.


The Sleeping Duck Lite mattress has a very straightforward construction. It’s made of a total of 3 layers. These are:

  • A memory foam layer which is designed to work well at any temperature. It’s there to provide your body with the needed pressure relief. Moreover, it’s quite breathable to allow airflow.
  • A transition foam layer which adds bounce to the mattress. It also provides comfort and connects the upper with the bottom foam layer.
  • A high-density foam layer that provides the body with the needed support. It uses a 3-zone system that focuses on demanding areas like your hips and shoulders. This layer also works as the base of the mattress.

In the image below, you can see how the three layers are positioned.

sleeping duck lite mattress layers


The cover of the Sleeping Duck Lite mattress is a very simple one. It’s made of 100% polyester and it features a light grey colour. The cover feels strong but it’s not the softest I have seen. It’s quite breathable which is very important and overall it’s of good quality. The design is very simple and I personally didn’t like it. I think they should have gone for another colour, maybe a more vibrant one. It’s very evident that they cut costs here so don’t expect to see handles or anti-slip elements applied at the bottom. Having said that, the cover is still a decent one and it does the job so I am ok with it considering their pricing.


Like most rolled mattresses, the Sleeping Duck Lite was designed to suit most people. It’s a medium-firm mattress and if I use my virtual scale I would say it’s a 3.3, with 5 being really firm and 0 really soft. It’s not a very thick mattress measuring 24cm in height. I want to talk now about the different sleeping positions and how this mattress performed.

Starting from the back position, the memory foam hugged my hips and shoulders but the feeling was not as ‘full’ as with other foam mattresses. The mattress responded quickly which was a positive thing and it was quite comfortable sleeping in this position. The thing I noticed though was the lack of pressure relief which is something I expected to be honest.

Moving to the side position, the mattress adapted quickly and sinkage increased. My hips were positioned correctly to allow a good spine alignment and I felt that it was very comfortable in this position. This is because the sinkage was ideal and it seems that the 3 foam layers worked really well to allow this.

Finally moving to the stomach position, it felt relatively comfortable but again the lack of pressure relief was evident. My hips were positioned properly but that was not the case with my chest. Overall, I felt that this mattress is more suited to side and back sleepers.

One of the best attributes of this mattress is the minimal movement transfer. Sharing the bed with my partner, I felt that it did a really good job and this is something I really liked. The mattress also has good edge support so expect to get the same performance across the edges.


sleeping duck lite mattress foam
The memory foam used to make this mattress.


I have already mentioned that the Sleeping Duck Lite is a rolled mattress. That means that it will come packed in a box. They offer a free delivery service for all sizes. My mattress arrived 4 days after I placed my order which was what I expected as they told me it would be 4-7 days. During the check out process, you can only choose a weekday for your delivery. If you want a Saturday one, then you should contact them and they will arrange this for you. The courier arrived on time and was quite polite. The box was delivered at my door so I had to carry this to my room. Fortunately, this mattress is not very heavy so I was fine. Overall, Sleeping Duck offers a good and straightforward service so no complaints here.


The Sleeping Duck Lite comes with a 10-year guarantee which is something we expect these days from all the rolled mattress makers. But we shouldn’t take this for granted as it’s not something that every company offers to their customers. The mattress also comes with a 100-night trial period. This allows you to try this mattress first and decide later if you want to keep it. And you have more than 3 months to do so. If you decide to return this, they will come and pick it up for you and give you a full refund. All you have to do is contact their customer service department and they will arrange everything for you. Overall, they are offering a good service here and I have no complaints at all.


Finishing this Sleeping Duck Lite mattress review, it’s time I share my final thoughts with you. Starting at £249, it’s a mattress aimed at price-sensitive consumers. Personally, I will use it for my guest room and I think it will be great! It’s also a very good choice for young couples that don’t want to break the bank and are after a mattress with minimal motion transfer. If you belong to these categories then this mattress might be a great option.

If you can afford a more expensive one then look at their Pro mattress. It’s a way more complete option that offers so much more.