otty pillow review

OTTY Pillow Review

Thank you for checking out my OTTY pillow review. I recently wrote a post about the OTTY mattress and I really wanted to write one about their pillow too. I received one few weeks ago and I want to share my thoughts with you.

Before I move on to the review, I really want to say that the pillow we use is as important as the mattress. So make sure you choose a good quality pillow that provide you with all the needed support and comfort. Just like the mattress, the pillow has a bad odour when it’s brand new. Don’t worry this won’t last for more than 3 days. But in any case I want to prepare you for this! It’s now time to move to the the full review.


The OTTY pillow is very similar to their mattress in terms of the technology used there. There are two main layers and the pillow cover. There is a comfort memory foam layer which is the layer that will give you the suppor and comfort you will need. Additionally, there is a Cool Blue Gel foam layer (their signature material) which keeps the pillow cool during sleep. OTTY have also applied some airflow holes (perforations) to make a very breathable pillow that works very well. Finally, the materials used are of high quality and overall the construction is very good.


The cover of the OTTY pillow was designed to be breathable first. The material feels quite nice and it is relatively soft. There is a small pattern in the white part along with a big OTTY logo. The sides of the cover, feature a dark grey colour and the design is almost identical to the one we find in their mattress. If you want to machine wash the cover, all you have to do is unzip it and remove the pillow. Make sure you wash it in low temperature, ideally 30 degrees. Overall, the cover is really functional and feels of high quality. OTTY did a really good job here.


I have been sleeping with the OTTY pillow for about three weeks now. The pillow is 10cm in depth which means that the pillow is designed to work well for all sleeping positions. In my experience the very thick pillows cannot work well in the stomach position. The OTTY pillow, with the 10cm thickness worked very well in all the sleeping positions. My favourite one was the side position followed by the back position. I felt that the pillow supported my neck very well and the memory foam moulded well around my head. My spine alignment, especially when sleeping on my back and side, was really good. In the stomach position I felt that if the pillow was slightly less thick it would be more comfortable for me. Overall, the OTTY pillow performed well and it’s a pillow I will continue using.


Finishing this OTTY pillow review, it is time to share my final thoughts with you. It is a a really good pillow that comes in a great price (£54.99). It features the latest cooling technology and offers great support. Moreover, the OTTY pillow comes with a great guarantee (3 years) and a great service. All this things make the OTTY pillow a really good choice for anyone who is after a good quality memory foam pillow.