otty deluxe pure pillow review

OTTY Deluxe Pure Pillow Review

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If you are looking for a value-for-money option, you should read this OTTY Deluxe Pure pillow review. OTTY is a popular British maker that saw great success with their first release, the OTTY Hybrid mattress. That made me really keen to try their pillow too. I got mine a few weeks ago so it’s time I share my thought with you.

Before I continue with this review, I want to say that the choice of pillow is equally important as the mattress choice. For this reason, make sure you choose a high-quality pillow that can provide you with all the needed support and comfort. You should also look for pressure relief and memory foam is an ideal material for this purpose. It’s time now to move to the full review below.

Materials & Construction

The OTTY Deluxe pillow follows the same design philosophy as their mattress and this is something I expected. There are two core layers and a pillow cover. The first one is a comfort memory foam layer that is designed to give you the needed support and comfort. The second one is a Cool Blue Gel foam layer (their signature material) that is designed to keep the pillow cool during sleep. The engineers at OTTY have also applied some airflow holes (perforations) to increase breathability and this system works very well. Finally, all the materials used here are of the highest quality and the overall construction is great.

otty deluxe pure pillow

Pillow Cover

The main priority during the design process was to create a cover that was breathable. For this reason, they chose polyester, a material that is known to allow airflow. The cover feels soft and looks premium. There is a small pattern in the white part along with a big OTTY logo. The sides of the cover, feature a light grey colour and the design is almost identical to the one they use for their mattress.

If you want to machine wash the cover, all you have to do is unzip it and remove the pillow. Make sure you use a gentle cycle and a low temperature. Overall, the cover is functional and doesn’t lack quality. That allows me to say that OTTY did a really good job here.

Comfort & Support

I have been sleeping with the OTTY Deluxe Pure pillow for about three weeks now. The pillow measures 10cm in height so it’s designed to work well for all sleeping positions. For example, very thick pillows won’t suit stomach sleepers. The OTTY pillow, with a medium profile, worked very well in all sleeping positions.

During the past 3 weeks, I felt that the pillow supported my neck well and the memory foam provided my neck with pressure relief. I also have to mention here that my spine alignment, especially when sleeping on my back and side, was really good. In the stomach position, I felt that if the pillow was slightly less thick it would be more comfortable for me. Overall, the OTTY pillow performed well and it’s a pillow I will continue using.


It’s time to complete this OTTY Deluxe Pure pillow review and share my final thoughts with you. I think that this is a really good pillow that comes at a great price (£69.99). It features the latest cooling technology and offers great support. Moreover, the OTTY pillow comes with a 14-night trial period and free delivery. All these things make it a really good choice for anyone looking for a high-quality memory foam pillow.

OTTY Deluxe Pure Pillow Review
High-quality materials
Great cooling mechanism
14-night trial period
Guarantee could be longer