casper hybrid mattress review

Casper Hybrid Mattress Review

Casper is one of the biggest mattress brands in the world and their Original mattress is a best seller! They have also launched other products with great success and recently they decided to enter the more premium segment. In this Casper Hybrid mattress review, I will talk about this very interesting option that is geared towards people who seek real quality.

My mattress arrived about a month ago and as you expect it was packed in a box. It’s designed in the US but it’s manufactured here in the UK. I would like now to move to the full review below.


The Casper Hybrid has a 5-layer construction. In detail, these are:

  • A comfort foam layer (1) which as its name suggests, it’s there to provide your body with the needed comfort. It’s quite breathable so you won’t sleep hot.
  • A memory foam layer (2) which helps with pressure relief.
  • A transition foam layer (3) which helps balance the foam and spring layers. It also helps with even weight distribution.
  • A supportive spring layer (4) with firmer springs under hips and softer springs under shoulders.
  • A firm perimeter (5) which helps with enhanced edge support.

The image below shows the placement of each layer.

casper hybrid mattress materials


The cover of the Casper Hybrid is very beautiful. It features a two-colour scheme that looks quite classy. The top part is white with the side part featuring a denim-like dark blue. It’s made of 99% polyester and 1% elastane. That makes it very breathable but strong at the same time. The elastane ensures that the fit is great so you won’t get a ‘shaggy’ cover. Moreover, they have added 4 handles which help you when you want to move it. This is clever thinking and I love when makers add these practical features. The cover can be removed and you can machine wash it at 40 degrees. The sleeping surface feels soft and overall it’s very well made.

casper hybrid mattress cover


The majority of boxed mattresses come with a medium-firm feel, and the Casper Hybrid is not an exclusion. If I use my virtual scale here, I would say it’s a 3 with 5 being really firm. I would like now to talk about the different sleeping positions and how this mattress performed.

Starting from the back position, the Casper Hybrid reacted quickly and the springs did a good supporting my back. Pressure relief was also good and it felt very comfortable in this position. My spine was properly aligned and I felt that the mattress did a fantastic job in this position.

Moving to the side position, sinkage increased and the springs adjusted quickly. I was well supported and the mattress provided my body with adequate pressure relief. My spine was aligned properly and overall it was comfortable in this position.

Finally, turning to the stomach position, I felt that the mattress was slightly softer than I would prefer. However, it was still quite comfortable and pressure relief was good. Overall, I think that this mattress is a good all-rounder.

If you share your bed with a partner, you should expect some disturbance which is caused by the springs. Hybrid mattresses tend to do this but this is not a deal-breaker. On the other hand, the edge support is fantastic and the firm perimeter used here works really well.


I have already mentioned above that this is a boxed mattress. That means that it will come directly to your door packed in a carton box. It’s available in 8 sizes which is fantastic! I have seen other premium mattresses having way fewer options, so well done Casper! As you expect, the mattress comes in both UK and EU sizes.

They offer free standard delivery for all sizes but this is only for weekdays. If you want a Saturday delivery, it will cost you an extra £20. Next day delivery is also available and it costs the same. But their service doesn’t stop there. For an extra £15, you can have your old mattress removed which is a great deal. They ship their mattresses with either UPS or Arrow XL. I got my mattress 4 days after I had placed my order and the whole experience was smooth. The courier was polite and overall I was happy with their service.

casper hybrid mattress


The Casper Hybrid comes with a 100-night trial period which is what we expect these days from all these boxed mattresses. However, you should not be taking this for granted as it gives you plenty of time to try it and decide later whether you want to keep this or not. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it for free and get a full refund. The process is not complicated and you don’t need to keep the original packaging to be able to do this.

The mattress also comes with a 10-year guarantee which is proof that they are very confident in their manufacturing process. If you want to read the full terms, you can click here. Overall, they offer a complete package so I can’t complain.


It’s time now to complete this Casper Hybrid review and let you know what I think about it. This is a mattress that is a good all-rounder and it performed well in all sleeping positions. It also has amazing edge support. Of course, it’s not the cheapest option out there, however, I think that there is good value here and it’s a high-quality mattress. So if you are willing to spend some extra quid then this should be high on your list.