eve microfibre pillow review

Eve Microfibre Pillow Review

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Eve is one of the most popular rolled mattress makers here in the UK. Since they launched few years ago, they have developed a number of sleeping related products with great success. In this Eve microfibre pillow review, I will talk about their latest product and whether it’s worth your attention.

Eve chose a different approach here and they made a non-memory foam pillow. Instead they created a more affordable pillow using a microfibre filling. The pillow comes with a fantastic 3 year guarantee and a 30 day trial period which is great to see, especially at this price (£35). Delivery is also free! My pillow arrived around 10 days ago so I would like now to share my thoughts with you.


The Eve microfibre pillow features a clever design. In the centre of the pillow, there is a chamber that is filled with hollowfibre. In the area around the chamber, the pillow is filled with microfibres. The reason behind this design is to give the ability to sleepers to ‘form’ their pillow the way they want and get the best of both the firmer center and the airily soft outside part.

The pillow also has a wedge shape which gives the sleeper two sides which have different thicknesses. However, despite all this flexibility, Eve designed this pillow with back and side sleepers in mind which is quite surprising to be honest. So if you are a stomach sleeper, then you should look at their memory foam pillow.

If you are an allergy sufferer, the Eve microfibre pillow can be a good choice for you. The microfibres are very hygienic and you can machine wash the whole pillow which is something I haven’t seen with any other pillow. This is great as you can keep it super clean with minimal effort. Eve says that you can even put it in the tumble dryer!

eve microfibre pillow review
The wedge shape of the pillow.


The cover of the Eve microfibre pillow is a really nice one. It’s made off 100% cotton, 230 thread count to be precise. In the sides, they have placed two mesh panels which are made of polyester. These help a lot with the ability of the pillow to ‘breath’ which is needed especially in the summer. I personally really liked this feature which is very similar to the one found in the Simba Hybrid pillow.

The dimensions of the pillow are 46×67 cm which means you can use your standard 50×75 cm pillow cases. The design is very clean and I really liked the use of subtle grey lines on the edges. The cover is not removable but you don’t need it anyway as the pillow can be washed as a whole.

eve microfibre pillow
The mesh panels of the pillow for better cooling.


As I have already mentioned, this pillow was designed for back and side sleepers. Fortunately, I am a back sleeper so I quite liked it. It’s not the best pillow I have tried but it worked well and in the back and side position it provided my neck with enough support.

In terms of pressure relief, don’t expect to get the same like a memory foam one but it’s adequate. I personally found that it’s really great for side sleepers as this was the position that I enjoyed the most. If you are a stomach sleeper then this pillow might be too thick for you and when I tried it, my nech felt a bit uncomfortable. In terms of the side I used, it was the less thick one which worked well for my neck. Overall, if you are not a stomach sleeper then this can be a good choice that won’t break the bank.


Wrapping up this Eve microfibre pillow review, I would like to share my final thoughts with you. Eve made a very affordable pillow (£35) which has some interesting features. It’s very hygienic, it has a great cooling system and it comes with great service and support. However, it’s only good for back or side sleepers which is a weakness I cannot overlook. If you don’t have any issue with that, then this is a good value for money pillow that can work either as your main one or as a guest pillow.

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