casper pillow review

Casper Pillow Review

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Casper is definitely one of my favourite brands. Their mattress is fantastic and I really like the brand itself. In this Casper pillow review I will talk about it in detail and whether it’s worth buying.

Casper is an american company that designs their products in the US but builds them here in the UK. For their pillow they followed a more traditional approach, so expect no foam here. This is a bit unusual but there is good reasoning behind this design (check their cool video here) and I will talk about it later. The pillow came in a nice carton box delivered by UPS few weeks ago so it was about time I write this review.


Casper decided to create a pillow that has no foam. This is a completely different approach to their mattress. The main reason that they chose not to use foam is because it’s a very temperature sensitive material and they wanted to make sure the pillow remains cool during the night. They used the “pillow-in-pillow” design as they call it which essentially it is made of two parts. The inner pillow is filled with coated fibres that adjust to the moves of your head and neck. The outer pillow is filled with longer fibres that give you this cushioning feeling. You can see the design in the picture below.

casper pillow review
The Casper “pillow-in-pillow” design.

According to Casper, the fibers are individually blown into the cover which helps the pillow bounce back to life with a bit of fluffing. I personally tested this and it definitely works. It’s great to have this feature and I couldn’t be happier with it. Overall, I think Casper did a great job here.


The cover of the Casper pillow is made of 100% cotton. This makes the sleeping surface really breathable and the whole pillow design allows maximum airflow. This means that the pillow will stay cool during the night even during summer. The cotton they use is very soft and I really loved it. The cover comes in white with the Casper logo applied on the side of the pillow. If you want to clean the pillow cover, the best way is to spot clean it with a mild detergent. The pillow comes in two sizes, standard and king. The first measures 50 x 75 cm and will cost you £60. The latter measures 50 x 90 cm and costs £75. I personally prefer the standard size as I don’t like the pillows that are too big. But this is your choice and you should get what best suits you. Overall, Casper created a really nice cover.


I have been using the Casper pillow for almost two weeks now. So far, I am really happy with it and I am glad that a company followed a non-foam approach. Casper feels like a good old school pillow that was redesigned with modern materials. I realised how much I had missed a pillow that is fluffy, that you can ‘shape’ and hug and feel good about it. At the same time it manages to offer the needed neck and head support that we all need. I think that it’s a great choice for all stomach sleepers. It really made this position for me although I usually don’t sleep this way. But it also performs well in all other positions and I must say that I am impressed so far. The only real downside is the fact that the pillow is not good for using it when you read a book in bed as it’s not as solid as other foam pillows. However for sleeping, it’s a really good pillow and I love the different approach Casper took here.


Finishing this Casper pillow review, it’s time I share my final thoughts with you. Casper built a pillow that is priced fairly (£60) and comes with excellent service and support. It offers great neck and head support and it’s very comfortable. I personally feel that it’s the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers but it’s also good for anyone else. If you look for a pillow to read a book in bed look elsewhere but for pure sleep, the Casper pillow is a great choice!