hyde and sleep mattress review

Hyde and Sleep Mattress Review

Hyde and Sleep is one of the more popular new mattress brands in the UK offering a range of mattresses in a box. In this Hyde and Sleep mattress review, I will be talking about their ‘Pocket Sprung Hybrid Plus’ mattress which is their top proposition. I received my mattress few weeks so I think it was about time I write this review. As you can see from the name of the product, this is a Hybrid mattress which is the most popular type these days. Let’s move now to the full review below.


The Hyde and Sleep mattress has a very straightforward construction featuring three layers in total. These layers are:

  • Top Layer: A memory foam layer which provides the body with pressure relief and also maintains the mattress in low temperature during sleep.
  • Middle Layer: A pocket springs layer that work individually and adjust to your body for this extra comfort feeling. The springs also help to give you this ‘bouncy feeling’. The number of springs is 2000 in a King mattress.
  • Bottom Layer: A high density polyurethane foam base that features air flow zones to allow the mattress to breathe.


The mattress features a breathable cover that is made of high quality materials. In general one of the priorities of this mattress is the ‘breathability’ so pretty much all layers are designed to allow the air to flow. This is a very important element for a good night sleep as you don’t want your mattress to heat up easily. On top the breathability keeps the mattress cleaner, odourless and more hygienic. So there are more benefits from this approach. The cover is machine washable which means you can keep it clean very easily. Overall, the construction of this mattress is really top class.


The Hyde and Sleep mattress is designed to fit everyone’s needs. It feels like a medium to firm mattress which is what most people would like. If I put this in a scale from 0-5 with 5 being the firmest, I would say that Hyde and Sleep is a 3.3. Being a hybrid mattress you should expect to experience this bouncy feeling that comes from the pocket springs which in my view is the best feature of a hybrid mattress.

I will now talk about the different sleeping positions and how I felt in each one. As I have already mentioned I like to sleep on my back for the most part. So I will start talking about this position. When lying on my back I firstly felt a nice hugging feeling from the memory foam layer. The sinkage was ideal, and I felt good support especially on my lower back. Rolling to my side, the mattress adjusted very quickly. The individual pocket springs seem to work well, and I felt that my spine was well supported. The sinkage increased, which is natural, and I felt very comfortable in this position.

Turning to the stomach position, I experienced again the huggy feeling and I felt the surface was as soft as needed to provide me with comfort. My boyfriend who is bigger and loves the stomach position saif that Hyde and Sleep is the best mattress for him so I think this is the choice for all stomach sleepers.

Finally, moving to the sides of the mattress to do the edge support test, I felt that the mattress performed really well. It’s a solid construction and the support is provided across all the sleeping surface. Hyde and Sleep did very well on all sleeping positions with the stomach one to be the best.

Hyde and sleep mattress box
The mattress comes in a nice carton box.


Continuing this Hyde and Sleep mattress review, I want to talk about the service you will get. The mattress is delivered for free in a carton box which is 50cm x 50cm x 105cm. If you want a Saturday or a morning delivery (before 10.30am) you will have to pay an extra £25. All deliveries outside the UK mainland cost £35. The mattress is available in the following sizes: single, double, king and super king.

VIDEO: How to unbox the Hyde and Sleep mattress.


The Hyde and Sleep mattress comes with a 10 year guarantee so you should feel confident with this brand. If you are not happy with your mattress you can return it for free and you will get all your money back. You have 100 days to make up your mind which is a good amount of time. This is a great service provided by a great brand.


Wrapping up this Hyde and Sleep mattress review, it is time for me to share with you my final thoughts. The Hyde and Sleep mattress is a very complete proposition. Combining the latest technology with high quality materials it manages to provide comfort and support in all sleeping positions. Additionally, the mattress offers pressure relief for people with back pain so definitely consider this if you are a sufferer. It definitely helped me with my chronic back pain. So if you are looking for all these features then I think you should definitely check the Hyde and Sleep mattress.