Emma Hybrid Mattress Review

emma mattress review

Emma is one of the most successful European mattress startups that have recently come to the UK. In this Emma Hybrid mattress review, I will share my thoughts on their mattress and whether it is worth buying it. I bought my mattress few months ago so I have used it for a while now and it was about time I write this review. It is another mattress in a box that is made in the UK and comes full of features in a reasonable (no middlemen) price! There are so many mattresses out there these days that is really hard to choose from, so let’s move to the full review below so you get a better idea of the Emma Hybrid mattress.

Emma Hybrid Mattress
Extra 12% + 35% off the Emma Hybrid mattress
Extra 12% + 35% off the Emma Hybrid mattress Show Less


The Emma Hybrid mattress is made of a total of four layers. In detail the layers are:

  • Top Layer: An Airgocell foam layer which provides the body with pressure relief. It also helps the mattress stay cool during sleep.
  • Middle Layer: A layer made of individual pocket springs. The number of springs is dependant on the size of the mattress. Springs provide the body with the support it needs.
  • Middle Layer: A visco-elastic memory foam layer with the ability to adapt quickly to your body’s shape and help with pressure relief.
  • Bottom Layer: A cold foam layer which is the base of the Emma Hybrid mattress.


The mattress features a high quality sleeping surface which is made of climate fibers. The cover can regulate humidity during sleep and allows the mattress to ‘breathe’. Having tested the Emma Hybrid mattress during summer I can confirm that it did a great job staying cool which is very important as I share my bed with my boyfriend. The design of the cover is contemporary with the sides featuring a nice dark grey colour. You can machine wash the cover which is great! Finally the cover has anti-slip elements at the bottom of the mattress to keep your mattress in place. Overall, the Emma Hybrid mattress is extremely well built.


The Emma Hybrid mattress feels like a medium to firm mattress. In order to have some consistency for all you I will put this in a scale from 0-5 with 5 being the firmest. So in my virtual scale, Emma is a 3. As I already mentioned, this is a hybrid mattress combining two technologies, memory foam and pocket springs. This means that you can expect both a ‘hugging’ feeling from the memory foam but also a ‘bouncy’ feeling from the pocket springs. And Emma does a great job balancing these two.

I will continue this Emma mattress review talking about the different sleeping positions. As I have mentioned in the past, I am mostly a back sleeper so lying on it on my back I felt the mattress hugging me properly with an ideal sinkage. I personally hate these mattresses that you flee like you are sinking in them but Emma did a very good job. Moreover, I also felt that the mattress provided me with a good spine alignment especially in my hips area where I need it the most. Turning to the side position the mattress adjusted quickly, sinkage increased a bit which was natural but overall I felt very comfortably.

Finally, moving to the stomach position, Emma did exceptionally here. The sinkage was ideal and I felt that my body was resting properly in this position. It’s probably the most difficult position for a mattress to perform well but Emma did not dissapoint. Another thing I want to talk is the edge support. The mattress is so well constructed that even on the edges it performs very well. The mattress is not as bouncy as a pocket spring one and I think that it performs closer to a memory foam one rather than a pocket spring one. This is a matter of taste of course. Overall, Emma really impressed me here.


The Emma Hybrid mattress comes in a bob directly to your door with UPS. The size of the box is 37.5cm x 37.5cm x 145cm. You will get a free delivery service for any size you order and you can expect your mattress within 3-5 days from the day you place your order. There is no next day delivery available but there is a Saturday one for those who are busy during the week. The Saturday delivery will cost you though an extra £35. Emma offers the mattress in many sizes, including the EU ones which is great! UPS delivered my mattress on time and they were very helpful and friendly, just what you expect from them!

Finally, there is a mattress removal service available that will cost you an extra £35. A third party company is running this service and they will come to collect your old mattress after your new one has arrived. This is a useful and handy service as mattresses are usually hard to dispose.

VIDEO: A nice clip from YouTube about the Emma Hybrid mattress.


I always look at the overall customer service before I purchase and Emma does great on this end. You will get a 10 year guarantee and a 100 day trial period. You have 100 days to try this mattress and if you don’t like it you can simply return it and get a full refund. It’s that simple so you should feel comfortable ordering from Emma. The return service won’t cost you anything and there are no hidden fees.


Completing this Emma Hybrid mattress review I want to summarise my thoughts on it. Overall, I think that Emma is one the best mattresses I have tried. It features a fantastic Airgocell technology that in my view is the strongest element of this mattress. Constructed of high quality materials and offering great pressure relief and support, Emma should be very high on your list. Don’t forget to check our voucher codes page to get the latest mattress offers.

Emma Hybrid Mattress
Extra 12% + 35% off the Emma Hybrid mattress
Extra 12% + 35% off the Emma Hybrid mattress Show Less
  • 9.1/10
    Materials - 9.1/10
  • 9.1/10
    Comfort - 9.1/10
  • 9.2/10
    Support - 9.2/10
  • 9.3/10
    Cooling - 9.3/10
  • 9.2/10
    Delivery & Service - 9.2/10
  • 9.2/10
    Trial & Guarantee - 9.2/10


-Great support and pressure relief
-Top customer service and support
-Excellent sleeping surface