bruno mattress review

Bruno Mattress Review

Oh no! The Bruno mattress is no longer available in the UK! But don’t worry, I have more reviews for you here.

Have you heard about latex mattresses before? I didn’t know that they exist till late last year when I came accross one. In this Bruno mattress review I am going to talk about this mattress and whether it is worth buying. Bruno had great success in Germany and they decided to launch here in the UK about 2 years ago. The mattresses are all made in Germany unlike other foreign companies that choose to build them here. As you expect with all German products, their mattresses have an innovative design.

I received my Bruno mattress around 3 weeks ago so now it’s a good time to share my initial thoughts. As I have mentioned already, Bruno is a latex foam mattress so don’t expect to find pocket springs here. It is quite similar to the Eve mattress in design but they use different materials; Bruno use latex whereas Eve use memory foam. The mattress is a rolled one and it comes packed in a box. This means that you will still get this awkward smell for about a week but don’t worry this will wear off soon. It’s a good time now to move to the full review below.


The Bruno mattress has a very ‘straightforward’ design. It is made of 2 layers and the sleeping surface. The two layers are the following:

  • A latex foam layer, developed by Bruno, which is there to provide you with the needed comfort and support. Moreover, the latex layer is perfect to keep your mattress cool and does a better job compared to memory foam.
  • A polyurethane foam base layer which keeps the mattress alltogether and essentially is the base of the mattress. This layer features a clever 7-zone system which offers support where you need it more. This is what I meant by ‘innovative design’ earlier in this review.

The mattress has a total thickness of 25cm which is close to the average mattress. This is important as I personally don’t like the bulky mattresses.


The cover of the mattress is made of polyester and it is a fleece blend. It feels quite soft but it looks durable and of high quality. The design is a simple one, and it looks very similar to the one that the Emma mattress has. The top panels are white with the side panels featuring a dark grey colour. The cover comes with a zip so you can remove the cover quite easily which is very practical. You can machine wash it in low temperature so it’s not too hard to keep it clean and fresh! Overall, I think that the Bruno mattress is well built and I think they did a good job on this end.


Bruno designed their mattress to help people that suffer from chronic back issues. That being said, this mattress is probably the firmer one I have tried so far. If I use the virtual frimness scale I use in this blog, I would say that Bruno is a 3.3 with 0 being really soft and 5 being really firm. This is quite normal as being firm usually helps with back support. I will now talk about the different sleeping position and what I experiended.

Starting with my favourite position, lying on my back, I felt the latex foam providing me with support from head to toes. Don’t expect to get this ‘huggy’ feeling that memory foam gives you, latex feels differently. Sinkage was low and I felt that my hips were well positioned to help my spine get properly aligned.

Moving to the side position, the mattress adjusted quickly and sinkage increased a bit which is normal. My body was well supported although this position made me feel a bit more how firm is this mattress. But as I mentioned earlier, Bruno was designed to provide you with the right support, and it does exactly that.

Finally, turning to the stomach position, I felt that Bruno performed really well. My hips were positioned perfectly and my back felt relieved even though I don’t have a chronic issue. The surface was quite comfortable and in general this was the best I have felt in this position.

Few words now about the edge support of the Bruno mattress. Lying on the sides I felt that Bruno is quite solid and it retained its shape. Overall, I felt that Bruno might not be the most comfortable of the mattresses I have tried here but it is definitely the one that provided my body with the most support.


Bruno offer a free delivery service for all purchases. The mattress will be delivered in 1-3 working days directly to your door. The free delivery service is available only for the weekdays. If you want to get your mattress during the weekend, there is a Saturday slot option. However this is not free and will cost you an extra £35. The mattress will be delivered in a white carton box. The delivery guy was really polite and he helped me place the box in my room. It’s a heavy one so help was very welcome.

The Bruno mattress is available in 7 sizes, including the EU ones. That means that if you have an IKEA bed frame you will be able to use it with your new Bruno mattress. This is good news as I personally have 3 IKEA bed frames in my place. Overall, Bruno offer a great service so no complaints here.

bruno unboxing
The Bruno mattress comes in a carton box


The Bruno mattress comes with a 10 year guarantee which will cover any problem that you might face with your mattress. Of course, make sure you read carefully the terms and conditions so you know what is covered. Like every product there are certain rules and you need to take good care of it. If you worry that you might not like your Bruno mattress, I have some good news for you. Bruno gives you 101 nights to decide whether you like this mattress or not. If you are not happy with it, you can return it and get a full refund. All you need to do is call them and they will come and collect it from your home for free. Overall, Bruno does very well on this end and is is quite obvious that they have customer satisfaction as their priority!


Finishing this Bruno mattress review, I would like to make my final points. I was really impressed with Bruno, a mattress that is quite different to the ones I have reviewed in the past. It features a revolutionary design that is doing a great job with body support. It is not the most comfortable mattress in the world but if you have a chronic back pain then probably you should be looking very seriously at this amazing latex mattress. Coming with an excellent service and at a fair price, Bruno is a great choice for people who want to get pain relief.