chronic back pain

Suffering from back pain?

Suffering from back pain is a very common problem that most people will face in their lives. Some of them will experince this for a certain period of their lives but others, like myself, will have a chronic back pain. The causes of this condition can vary of course but key factors are posture and sleeping habits. Having an office job for more than ten years now, combined with the bad posture I had, caused me to suffer from chronic back pain. In the recent years, I researched online quite a lot so here are some findings that I want to share with you.

Is my mattress related to my chronic back pain?

An average person will spend one third of their day sleeping. That means that the mattress is one of the most important investments that we will do in our lifes. Just think about it! We spend money to get a quality car or a nice TV but we sometimes overlook what is really important for our health. A good mattress allows the body to properly rest and a rested body allows us to function better. Moreover, a good mattress can provide us with pain relief and get the pressure of our bodies. A pain free night will lead us to a good night sleep and a rested brain. It’s all connected!

What is the best mattress for back pain relief?

There are many theories about this question and reading a lot you might get confused. Recent studies suggest that the use of pressure relief materials like memory foam or natural latex is ideal for those who suffer from chronic back pain. Materials like that, allow the body to mould into them providing the support where is needed. So it is strongly advised to buy mattresses that feature these materials so you can benefit from what they offer.

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Memory foam and natural latex mattresses offer great spine support

Do I need a firm mattress if I have chronic back pain?

This is a very common question among sufferers. It is true that medium-firm mattresses are the best for someone with this condition. Softer mattresses fail usually to provide the body with the needed support. In order to decide what mattress suits you better, the best method is to try a couple. Your weight is also a factor here, so the higher it is, the firmer the mattress should be. The mattress review section in this site features some high quality mattresses that you might consider. They all feature a memory foam or latex layer so they are good for people with chronic back pain.

Will the pain ever go away?

This is a question that is very hard to answer and only a specialist can answer it. In my case I saw a significant iprovement but it took me more than a year to get there. I would advise everyone to see a specialist and then change their habits. Good posture in the office, excercising (swimming & yoga) and a good mattress were the three key things that worked for me. The pain is still there but I feel way better. And that makes me smile everyday!